Real World Asset Tokenization ! 

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Aurigraph DLT Protocol!

  • Revolutionizing Fintech through Triple Entry Accounting Principles!
  • Based on Yuji Ijjri’s paper on Triple Entry systems, Cornell University, 1981-89
  • Peer-to-Peer transactions in a highly decentralized architecture ensuring High Availability and Security!
  • Need At least five active nodes to randomly elect a Notary in under 300 milliseconds
  • Each Tokenized Transaction is homomorphically encrypted, digitally signed and transmitted as compiled data over secure channels, not as raw JSON, offering four layers of security with Post Quantum Security. 
  • Notary will Match/Reconcile transaction data, send for RAFT based consensus within network before updating ledger
  • Support for Upstream/downstream Track-and-Trace

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Aurigraph DLT Platform

  • Mining-less Protocol eliminates need for Cryptocurrency 
  • Fixed Transaction Fee, no variable gas fee
  • High throughput and super scalability with over 100000 Transactions per second
  • Zero Latency – Under 500 milliseconds
  • Low footprint – Under 50 MB per node
  • K-native Containerized deployment for rapid scalability
  • Lowest power consumption for any DLT (under $3/year)

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