Open Data on DLT. Delivered! 

Aurigraph delivers highly scalable real-time DLT solutions for Open Data. 

Open Banking and Open Commerce!  With  over  60000 potential Identity, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Education and Utilities APIs integrated around the world to revolutionize Open Data!

No Latency! No need to wait for Data dumps in "Big Data" stores.

Open Data

Open Data market is just going to grow leaps and bounds in the next few years. As per Mckinsey's report, the market size is growing form 185.5 Billion dollars to 334 Billion dollars by 2025. 

Data accessible through APIs following User Consent logged to an immutable and irrepudiable Ledger. Open Data platforms need to be:

  • Real time sharing of data, including transactional data
  • Immutable & Irrepudiable User consent to share consumer data
  • Deliver personalized products and services
  • Drive Inclusion within Informal sectors

Open Data are finding use cases in Healthcare, Education, Finance and Banking to provide Flow based data to Data Users to deliver personalized services.

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Open Data can improve healthcare services delivery even in the remotest places with patient records and services accessible worldwide.

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Open Data in Education offers transparent student records and personalized educational content delivery to each student, assuring immutable student records from cradle to grave.

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Open Banking

Open Banking solutions offer 360 degree profile of consumers facilitating cash-flow and net-worth based lending amongst MSMEs and the Informal sectors, 


Open Data for Utilities facilitates real-time Personalization of  on-demand services, delivering higher value to both consumers and providers 

Aurigraph Account Aggregator platform

  • Open Data Platform for Banking/Finance, Healthcare, Education and Utilities
  • Overs 30000 API integration with BFSI sector, Sovereign identity providers for KYC/KYB, Healthcare API providers, Education API providers and Utilities 
  • Aurigraph Open Banking Platform performs over 100,000 Transactions per second while delivering real-time cash-flow monitoring, reconciliation, settlement and audit across value chains to reduce transactional losses and suspense accounts.  
  • Aurigraph’s unique DLT based offering include Account Aggregator, Open Commerce and Open Platform to build truly Decentralized Apps with tokenized fixed transaction fee. 
  • Aurigraph offers the highest level of data privacy, security and confidentiality with post quantum cryptography for data in transit and at rest and best in class perimeter security.
  • Aurigraph DLT employs fixed Tokenized Transaction fee for Transaction processing with real-time reconciliation, settlement and audit
  • Aurigraph DLT is the greenest DLT platform, consuming less than $ 10 per node per year! 

Aurigraph DLT is a Sahamati Technology Solution Provider for the Sahamati Account Aggregator ecosystem of Reserve Bank of India

Aurigraph Open Data Solutions 

Open Banking

Cash Flow and Net worth-based Ratings for MSMEs in the Informal economy


Open Commerce

Enabling MSMEs to reach the stars through verified Digital Commerce and financing 


Active Contracts 

Digital Legal Contract automation! Data Automation. Auto Execution. In FIAT currency. 


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Federated Identity

Users have multiple Identities issued from different sources that need to be aggregated at single point to enable users to present a 360-degree profile of themselves while controlling their privacy and confidentiality 


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Open Data

Open Data accessible through APIs with User Consent, logged to an immutable and ir-repudiable data store.